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Bringing warmth into Kitchens

Bringing a warm feel into kitchens can often be challenging due to the preponderance of appliances and cabinets.  Often clients will opt for a clean, modern, aesthetic which is easy to maintain but if not designed correctly can feel cold.  Wood floors, metal and mixing similar tones in kitchens will help take attention away from appliances and cabinets.  In the first example the designer selected a grayish brown color for the cabinetry and steel hardware which complemented the stainless steel oven.  The countertops on the right and the lighting above the stove are also stainless steel and add to the cohesion of the design.  In the second example a textured wall offsets the stainless steel fridge, and the wood flooring along with the carpet pull everything together.  In the third example, the cabinets were painted different colors, and the island was a hue between the wood flooring and the cabinetry on the back wall, so it doesn’t feel nearly as much of a centerpiece as if it were white and matched the cabinets on the back wall. The trick is, even though cabinetry and appliances are such a large part of kitchen design, to incorporate enough other elements so that they do not dominate the look of the space.

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