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Commercial Spa

We are currently working on a commercial spa that will feature a line of beauty products as well as be a center for dermatology related procedures. In developing the design concept for this project and collaborating with the physicians, the essential components will focus be a contemporary style with natural hues and textures such as white oak, concrete, clear resin and white corian. The accent color will be aqua which is the principal color in the product branding.

Medical facilities can often feel sterile and cold while spas can sometimes feel too casual. For this spa the most critical element will be lighting and textures. The spa will feature indirect cove lighting in the front desk, reception and product display areas. It will serve as both ambient and accent lighting and will offer flexibility for luminescence. Cove lighting provides even, warm lighting and can be customized to fit almost any room size/ shape.

Commercial spaces tend to require a different set of considerations from residential projects including functionality, durability, psychology, and code for the components selected.

Here are some inspiration images we put together for the preliminary design.




Artist Shane McAdams

Greenwich Village residence- master bedroomThese are paintings by brooklyn based artist Shane McAdams using a ball point pen and epoxy resin dripping ink onto a panel.  Some of the pieces are great for one or two color accents in an interior.  For a project in the west village the client wanted a pink hue as an accent contrasted against darker colors.  In addition to some fabrics and textures used in the space I also opted for the first painting below titled pen blow 66.  Following art several examples of his artwork which I like.

shade mcadams artwork