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Balance in Interiors

There are numerous components to effective interior design including developing a color palette, assessing which combination of materials to utilize, psychological factors, lighting, space planning and budget. Interiors need balance, if there is too much linear furniture elements with organic shapes can create a more harmonious space. Similarly, if a space has a lot of wood furniture and wood floors, it’s helpful to select one or two items that are perhaps made of metal, stone or marble.

One of the reasons I believe Poul Kjaerholm’s furniture is sought after is because the shapes of his chairs and tables offer designers a lot of flexibility and balance. Whether there are a lot of round or linear elements such as lighting, tables, accessories etc, his PK 24 chairs would fit well. If the client doesn’t want to commit too much to a piece of furniture being round or square, yet still memorable and original, the PK9 side chair will work.

The following pk24 lounge chair, pk9 side chair and pk91 folding stool are some of my personal favorites created by Kjaerholm.

poul kjaerholm pk-24 wicker chaise loungepoul kjaerholm pk-91 folding stoolpoul kjaerholm pk9 leather chair