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Dark bathrooms (part 2)

Following up on my tips for designing bathrooms with dark colors article, here are some inspiration images of primarily dark bathrooms for a project I’m working on in Soho. New Yorkers tend to shy away from primarily dark colors because space is often limited and clients usually want an interior to feel as large and open as possible. If you are nervous about utilizing dark tile, concrete or stone in the gray/ black family, a good place to start is a half bath or a parlor area if either of those options are available. A parlor area can function as an accent adjoining a bedroom to a bathroom, or a hallway to a bathroom. Natural materials such as wood, concrete, marble or limestone can offset the darker colors and bring warmth into the room. The bathroom fixtures can be lighter in color serving as an accent to the darker space.





Color Inspiration

A helpful place to begin when starting any interior design project is looking at inspiration spaces from designers and architects, scouring pinterest, tumblr or houzz for color palettes you like and start to develop a sense for the overall look and feel you would like.  In the first image I love the combination of dark colors, natural woodwork and the dark gray/blue as an accent color on the rug.  The second photograph has a similar feel and you could pull hues from it to design an interior similar.  The color inspiration can be pulled from literally anywhere, jewelry, natural stones, textiles, fashion, graphic and industrial design, paintings, film, photography etc.  In the next two images, a photograph and a sculpture (Chista) in front of a painting, the balance of colors feels harmonious, even these are relatively disparate sources.

dark_interior p2 p artwork_ch

Black as an accent

Following up on an earlier post about designing with black as a dominant color, here are some elegant examples of black being used effectively almost as an accent color. Typically black or white frame accent colors but black can also create a unique feel framing certain areas of spaces or offsetting neutral/ light tones. Accessories, door frames, lighting, seating and virtually anything else can achieve this effect. When almost all of the space is black or dark gray, or approximately half is a darker color, an entirely different feel is created. Black is tricky because it can easily feel too cold if warm hues or natural elements like wood floors are not utilized alongside it.

lucernescandanavian homecontemporary fireplace1. Daniel Marshall Architects, 2. Scandanavian Home, 3. Photo Credit: Giorgio Possenti