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Incorporating stainless steel in kitchens

Stainless steel is no longer relegated to appliance surfaces as it is now being installed on counter tops, cabinet doors and backsplashes.  Backsplashes can be smooth, have different sized tiles and shapes, and can have different colors incorporated.  Due to its resistance to heat, water and bacteria, stainless steel is the preferred finish for both professional chefs and in residential kitchens.  Stainless steel can also function as a clean, contemporary design element.  The one major drawback is the need to clean fingerprints, though generally this problem will be less prevalent on cabinet doors and backsplashes than countertops. It is a fairly low maintenance finish as warm water with a small amount of detergent is enough for cleaning it.  For more stubborn stains use a soft, dry cloth with lemon juice, glass cleaner or white vinegar to wipe stubborn smudges and stains.

kitchen stainless steel counter tops kitchen - stainless steel appliances and backsplash kitchen stainless steel kitchen cabinets kitchen stainless steel cabinet fronts

Top 3 round decorative mirror options

Here are some images of my top 3 selections for decorative mirrors.  There are two main types of mirrors, decorative and functional, and should be selected depending on its main purpose and desired look.    Mirrors whose main function is aesthetic are selected based on the frame’s design, material and shape.  Bathroom mirrors are primarily functional and should be able to repel moisture, be backlit, and fog free whenever possible.  Often decorative mirrors are used in powder rooms where moisture isn’t an issue.

Finding the right mirror can be a time consuming task, especially if it is going to be the centerpiece of a living room or the first accessory you see when entering the space.  If the space is filled with linear elements and clean, straight lines, round or oval mirrors are a way to offset the rectangular or square shapes.  Mirrors are increasingly being used in sets similar to how designers are using sets of pendant lights more and more.  The first and second images illustrate sets of mirrors which offer flexibility in creating a layout that fits a certain wall.  Often it can be tricky finding a single mirror which is the perfect size for a large wall.  These sets can be used in bigger open areas without feeling too small.

convex round mirror - Ochrevintage convex mirrors - iron and brassBDDW round mirror - lether and wood frame

Tips for designing bathrooms with dark colors

Following up on my earlier post on using dark colors in bathrooms, here are several more inspiration images which incorporate different palettes. The first bathroom utilizes a color palette ranging from dark gray to lighter gray. This gives the bathroom a feel of warmth and balance and the cabinetry surrounding the sinks functions almost as an accent wall.  The design feels rustic, clean and could be incorporated into several different styles.  The designer was able to add nine cabinets without it feeling too dark or cluttered.  It was important to select a neutral color for the floor that was lighter than the cabinets and gorgeous white bath also reflects the incoming light. 

The second bathroom features an even mix of grays with the ceiling being slightly darker and the sink lighter.  The sliding door is wide so enough to illuminate the space which is almost entirely dark and without a window. A large bright light is necessary to offset the darker colors as well.  The 3rd design also has enough natural light to offset the colors, which get progressively darker.  The white chair, mirror and sink function as accents.

dark bathroom
dark bathroom
dark bathroom

Lighting Design – Bedside lighting ideas

There are three options to consider for beside lamps. The most frequently used bedside lighting are table lamps since they can plug into outlets nearby. Wall mounted and pendant lights are less often used but the best option if budget permits. They require an electrician to install junction boxes,on/off switches and  dimmers and the help of a design professional to located them in the correct place. Here some inspiration ideas for three different bedside lighting options. bedroom design - bedside table lampsbedroom design - bedside wall sconces lights bedroom design- bedside pendant lights