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Floor Lamps

Following up on my previous top 3 floor lamps post, here are some additional options for a residence in Soho we are working on. These high end floor lamps can generally range in price from 5800-19000k. The shade can be linen or metal or it can feature an exposed glass bulb. Because of the size and the fact that they are freestanding, floor lamps offer a great opportunity to introduce a unique and distinctive shape into the space possibly with a long curved line or unusual shaped holes incorporated into the design of the metal column. Some of the finish options include gunmetal, brass, or nickel.

floor lamp

floor lamp

floor lamp

floor lamp

Ambient and accent lights

Lighting is definitely one of my favorite aspects to designing spaces. Every room
needs some combination of accent, ambient and direct task lighting. A single chandelier,
a multi-pendant light or a floor lamp can transform the feel of an interior. Chandeliers and pendant
lights can cast beautiful ambient shadows and illuminate in a unique way that lamps are unable to provide.

Similar to accessories and artwork, incorporating lighting tends to be towards the end of the design
process. It is often one of the biggest focal points and can often make or break
a space. Lighting that is too bright is usually a detractor in commercial spaces like restaurants
if not balanced correctly. Here some gorgeous options for ambient and accent lighting.





Multi pendant lights

The main difference between chandeliers and pendant lights is that pendant lights are designed to hang vertically from a chain often emphasizing the length whereas chandeliers tend to be wider and have multiple lights. Putting several pendant lights together creates the effect of a chandelier. Multiple pendant lights offer greater flexibility in spaces because they are not fixed in size like chandeliers. The size of chandeliers cannot be modified. Rather than shopping for the perfectly sized chandelier to fit a room to scale, which can often be challenging, multiple pendant lights can be sized to fit perfectly depending on the number of lights. They can make the overall light more rectangular or round, longer or shorter and the luminescence can be tailored for a room based on the pendants chosen.

multipenant metal chandelier

multi penant modern chandelier

multi penant glass chandelier

multiple penant chandelier


Lighting brings interiors to life and chandeliers are not only functional but they can also be the perfect accent element to complete a room.

The size and shape of the chandelier should be based on the size and shape of the dining room and the dining table, The three chandeliers below are perfect to hang over a rectangular dining table. Dual chandeliers like the Murano glass chandeliers in the second picture are also a great option when working with rectangular rooms.

Pantheon metal chandelier by Hudson FunitureMurano glass chandeliers Large brass and glass chandelier by Sciolari


Floor lamps are an important element of the design and often help create inviting spaces. Floor lamps are most commonly placed next to a sofa or lounge chairs but can also be placed in a corner,
or even at the end of a hallway.  Most often they are used in reading areas in a bedroom or living room.  If you have a lot of linear furniture a floor lamp with organic shapes will give it balance.  These
are some of my top selections for floor lamps.  Elle Decor has a great article on selecting floor lamps.

floor_lamps_2floor lamps floor_lamps_3