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Medium Gray Color in Kitchens

Elements such as millwork, cabinetry and built ins often comprise large portions of space in residential projects. Particularly in kitchens and large scale wall units or bookshelves, it can be difficult committing to a certain color, style or finish. While darker living rooms, kitchens and dark bathrooms can look elegant and represent a distinct contrast from other parts of an interior, natural lighting, size or layout can often preclude this as an option. Dark accent walls are usually relegated to walls which do not necessitate storage components.

On the flipside there is often a sense that selecting clean, light, modern cabinetry or wall units will leave a living room or kitchen feeling cold or colorless. If you would like to move up a bit from light, neutral colors, here are some beautiful kitchen examples which utilize medium gray color palettes to cultivate a delicate balance of warmth, light and functionality. In the first example the designer selected a medium gray brown color for the cabinetry, medium brown flooring and brown accents. The darker accents are offset by the carrara white marble backsplash and countertop which brightens up the space. The gray color in the backsplash matches the cabinet colors.
Over all the kitchen is has a balanced design where no single element dominates the feel. The second kitchen incorporates a similar combination of colors. As the space is small it still feels open, warm and inviting. The brown accent wall, accent wood elements and dark gray accent lights provide a nice counterbalance with the medium gray colored cabinetry.

Often when new residential buildings are completed, particularly in New York City where it is very expensive to build, kitchens, flooring, fixtures and bathrooms feel modern, cold and functional. Developers will usually not install high or even medium end kitchens due to the expense, at usually between 50-150k/ per kitchen depending on size, it is easy to see why.

medium gray color in kitchens

medium gray color in kitchens

Space Planning in Chelsea Duplex (part II)

Following up on my space planning post from last week, here are a few additional photos of the chelsea duplex I worked on several years ago.  The main level featured a bedroom, and a kitchen extending into an open layout with the dining room and living room.   A nice sized terrace adjoined the living room on the wall near the fireplace.  On the stairway leading up to the master bedroom we designed a custom built in for books and storage.  An open layout is increasingly popular space planning option in residential units in New York City.  Natural light is an essential component in higher end real estate and developers are seeking to maximize value by creating larger open living areas so potential purchasers have the option to entertain.

chelsea_penthouse_4 chelsea_penthouse_5 chelsea_penthouse_6

Bringing warmth into Kitchens

Bringing a warm feel into kitchens can often be challenging due to the preponderance of appliances and cabinets.  Often clients will opt for a clean, modern, aesthetic which is easy to maintain but if not designed correctly can feel cold.  Wood floors, metal and mixing similar tones in kitchens will help take attention away from appliances and cabinets.  In the first example the designer selected a grayish brown color for the cabinetry and steel hardware which complemented the stainless steel oven.  The countertops on the right and the lighting above the stove are also stainless steel and add to the cohesion of the design.  In the second example a textured wall offsets the stainless steel fridge, and the wood flooring along with the carpet pull everything together.  In the third example, the cabinets were painted different colors, and the island was a hue between the wood flooring and the cabinetry on the back wall, so it doesn’t feel nearly as much of a centerpiece as if it were white and matched the cabinets on the back wall. The trick is, even though cabinetry and appliances are such a large part of kitchen design, to incorporate enough other elements so that they do not dominate the look of the space.

kitchen design kitchen design kitchen designkitchen design


Incorporating stainless steel in kitchens

Stainless steel is no longer relegated to appliance surfaces as it is now being installed on counter tops, cabinet doors and backsplashes.  Backsplashes can be smooth, have different sized tiles and shapes, and can have different colors incorporated.  Due to its resistance to heat, water and bacteria, stainless steel is the preferred finish for both professional chefs and in residential kitchens.  Stainless steel can also function as a clean, contemporary design element.  The one major drawback is the need to clean fingerprints, though generally this problem will be less prevalent on cabinet doors and backsplashes than countertops. It is a fairly low maintenance finish as warm water with a small amount of detergent is enough for cleaning it.  For more stubborn stains use a soft, dry cloth with lemon juice, glass cleaner or white vinegar to wipe stubborn smudges and stains.

kitchen stainless steel counter tops kitchen - stainless steel appliances and backsplash kitchen stainless steel kitchen cabinets kitchen stainless steel cabinet fronts