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Selecting lounge chairs

Selecting lounge chairs is important as they often serve as a focal point in a living room or family room. Finding swivel or stationary chairs with a unique shape can accentuate the layout of a room. When beginning the process of space planning, while scale and proportion are very important, how the shapes fit together is also a key component. Spaces that feel too boxy or crowded with the implementation of additional seating options are usually the result of poor space planning and design. Lounge chairs are often a good opportunity to incorporate alternative materials into a space such as metal or leather without committing to a larger piece of furniture such as a sofa with metal. If you are designing a space with a modern, contemporary feel natural tones on leather will add warmth. Here are a few options in consideration for a project in Soho.

lounge chair

lounge chair

Christian Astuguevieille

Paris based furniture designer Christian Astuguevieille has created an array of items including chairs, tables and sofas out of rope.  I love the combination of organic materials and funky designs, these pieces offer a unique combination of elegance and personality.  The structural shape is first created with wood and the rope is stretched around it.   Pictured are some favorite rope chairs several of which are offered through Holly Hunt.  To view an array of his work through Holly Hunt you can also check out pinterest.

Christian Astuguevieille_rope_chair_ Christian Astuguevieille_rope_chair_3 Christian Astuguevieille_rope_chair_1

Custom built ins

Custom built ins are a great way to maximize and change the feel of a space.  Whether you are looking for a wall unit, desk area build in, entertainment center or a unique option to display artwork, there are endless possibilities.  Often in New York City the building codes, especially in the older buildings, can be strict and limit the possibilities for moving walls or drastically changing the existing layout.  If space is limited or you do not have much flexibility in performing renovation work, hiring a cabinetry firm or designer to assist you with drawing or selecting options that will work and compliment your space will be helpful.  If you are looking for a large amount of storage space it’s important to look at options which aren’t too massive or one dimensional.

Too many cabinets or too many shelves can completely overwhelm a room, especially if it is a covering an entire wall.  Similarly if all of the shelves or cabinets are the same size you might as well go to Ikea, the variation in build ins with shelf/ cabinet size is what makes them elegant and compliment a room.  If you are displaying artwork such as sculptures for example, you will want a build in that does not overtake the artwork with its design, and serves a functional backdrop able to highlight the art.   Here are some inspirational images for living room build ins.

custom_build_in_2 custom_build_in_3 custom_build_in_1 custom_build_in_4

Lounge chairs

Here are some options for lounge chairs for a project in Tribeca. Lounge chairs can give flair to an interior, adding style to a room. Scale is a key consideration for finding the right option. Deciding on which options you would like, i.e. swivel, ottoman, reclining, etc will effect size and positioning. The perfect chairs incorporate the right combination of comfort, style, durability and utility. If you are going to be using the chair often its important to check them out before purchasing. Some of the vintage lounge chairs are not as comfortable, although they may look beautiful. Lounge chairs that are too bulky should be avoided, especially in smaller sized rooms/ apartments. Some of the iconic, contemporary lounge chairs range from $3800-$14000.

borsani p40 lounge chair



Eero Saarinen's Womb chair

Maria Pergay

Moldavian furniture designer Maria Pergay began her design career employed as a window decorator in France.  One of her first designs incorporated large birds made out of wrought iron with semi-precious stones and seashells, which the shoes would hang off of in the display window of a store.  As her designs evolved she began to utilize stainless steel and famously said it was “as valuable as the most precious wood”, incorporating it into chairs, daybeds, lamps and tables.  Stainless steel proved an invaluable material as its flexibility permitted the creation of elegant curves in Pergay’s designs. Some of my favorite designs of hers include the triple tiered metal coffee table, a one arm-banquet daybed and a curved stainless steel bench.

daybed banquettecoffee_table_2 coffee_table