Abstract Oceanscapes by Renate Aller

Finishing up a busy week wrapping up a residential project in Westchester and beginning the second phase of a redesign of an apartment on the Upper East Side.  In previous posts on selecting artwork  I’ve written about choosing artwork that you will continue to love over time, whether it’s one or two colors or colors which compliment interiors.  These are oceanscape photographic prints by German photographer Renate Aller.  Aller returned to the same spot in Long Island for 10 years documenting the every changing sky and water landscape.  These are several of my favorite images from this series.
Seascapes: one Location (1999-2009)Seascapes: one Location (1999-2009)Seascapes: one Location (1999-2009)

Seascapes: one Location (1999-2009)